Nothing Compares to a Custom Ingot....

Consistently manufacturing quality aluminum and zinc alloys will always be the foundation of our reputation at Custom Alloy Light Metals. To guaranty this, we maintain a rigid quality control process. We designed the majority of our manufacturing equipment specifically for this process.

The process begins by inspecting all raw materials for correct physical properties and then analyzing for correct chemical and metallurgical composition.


Process control testing continues as each heat of metal undergoes continual sampling as the alloying progresses. All chemistries are determined using the latest in computerized spectrometers. All samples are analyzed per A.S.T.M. specifications and calibration standards are traceable to N.I.S.T.

Sampling of the heat continues throughout the final pour of the ingot to assure quality in the finished product. Once the heat conforms to the exacting specifications, it is poured in the desired ingot mold, stacked into bundles, strapped and bagged for protection. 

The result of our rigid process control system is the consistent quality we at Custom Alloy Light Metals have come to expect. The result of our quality product is the value our customers have come to expect.

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